Coffee Bar

Handcrafted Coffee & Tea

The coffee bar is where creativity comes to life. It's a creative hub of finely selected coffee beans and homemade artisanal syrups such as cardamom and lavender combined here to offer your taste buds a flavorful sensation. Our baristas are not your average people, they are skilled artists! Commitment to quality and creativity is in their DNA. Every cup of coffee is designed with the customer in mind, so it always tastes just right! Not feeling coffee? No problem. Our coffee bar also serves an array of flavorful, vibrant teas and lemon fusions that will rejuvenate your mind and body.

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Drip Coffee
Espresso Drinks (lattes & cappuccinos)
Iced Drinks
Exotic Teas & Lemonade Fusion

Cheese Menu

per lb
Wisconsin's Provolone
Wisconsin's yellow american
Wisconsin's sharp cheddar
Wisconsin's hot pepper american
Wisconsin's smokey cheddar
Wisconsin's big eye swiss
Wisconsin's muenster

Meat Menu

per lb
Beef Olive Roll
Oven roasted turkey breast
Smoked turkey breast
Black Forest turkey breast
pastrami turkey
beef bacon (cooked)
beef salami
beef pastrami
roast beef