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Exotic Flavors From All Around the World

A Master Chef who has curated a selection of silk road cuisines brings his best dishes to your palate. At Green Vine Market, we are always innovating new dishes that will drive your taste buds wild. Explore exotic foods bursting with flavor as well as conventional foods that you love but with a unique twist. Any dish you choose will always be a great choice.

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Burger with greens, green juice and fries.
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Made to order sandwiches
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Artisanal, wholesome food
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Myriad of toppings & side dishes
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Exotic and ethnic flavors

Cheese Menu

per lb
Wisconsin's Provolone
Wisconsin's yellow american
Wisconsin's sharp cheddar
Wisconsin's hot pepper american
Wisconsin's smokey cheddar
Wisconsin's big eye swiss
Wisconsin's muenster

Meat Menu

per lb
Beef Olive Roll
Oven roasted turkey breast
Smoked turkey breast
Black Forest turkey breast
pastrami turkey
beef bacon (cooked)
beef salami
beef pastrami
roast beef
Beef Mortadella